Selling your house fast in New Jersey but don’t know how because it needs massive repairs?

We often help people who tell us: “I need to sell my home but it needs so much work and I don’t have the money or time to deal with it.”

A house requires constant upkeep and maintenance to keep it in top condition. This isn’t an easy task with your busy life and tough economic times.

Houses that haven’t been updated in years often need lots of work. Most of the homes we buy require renovations that cost $50,000 to $100,000. This is what you can expect to spend on the most common repair items. The prices below are the mid point of a range that depends on the size of your home and the extent of the renovations needed. What does it cost to renovate a house in New Jersey?

Repair Item Cost      
New Roof $10,000
Updated Kitchen $15,000
Updated Baths (avg. of 3 baths) $15,000
Paint Exterior $10,000
Paint Interior $5,000
New Heating and Air System $10,000
New Carpet and/or Repair/Refinish Hard Wood Floors $7,500
Misc $10,000
Total $82,500

Sell A House Fast That Needs Repairs

Whitnee Homes has been in business for 10 years and has bought over 2,000 homes. We have seen homes in every possible condition. We have bought countless homes from hoarders who didn’t know where to turn. We hear: “I need to sell my house fast but as a hoarder it is very difficult and embarrassing.” Selling a hoarders house is difficult. The massive amount of stuff in their homes  made it impossible to sell their home the traditional way. They needed a quick and hassle-free solution where countless buyers wouldn’t come through their house and judge their hoarding. They made one call to Whitnee Homes and their problem was solved. Call today and put your worries behind you.

Selling A House With Lots Of Junk

Selling a hoarders house

Finding a reputable contractor that will treat you fairly and honestly can oftentimes be a very difficult task. If you don’t have the time nor money to fix up your house call Whitnee Homes today. In a few minutes we will provide a no-obligation cash offer on your home as-is. You don’t have to make any repairs. You don’t even need to clean your house and you can leave unwanted items behind. We will haul away your unwanted items at our cost. One less thing you need to pay for and worry about.  With one call to Whitnee Homes your home is sold. Call us today for an offer in 24 hours or click the button below to fill out this simple form for an as-is cash offer on your home.



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