Need to Sell My Rental Property Fast

Tired of Dealing with Tenants and Toilets

It’s the same old story. Your tenants are taking control of your life. They call you in the middle of the night for “emergency repairs” and you’re constantly chasing them down to get the monthly rent. Or maybe, you’re trying to find a reliable renter for a standard 1- year lease. All of this for minimal residual income? Is the time, money and stress even worth it anymore?

Honestly, you’re exhausted from the constant cat and mouse game that comes with owning a rental property. The glamour is gone and you need a way out. More importantly, you wonder if you can still make out on your investment. Or Is it even possible to sell the property?

Guess what? You can still get the monetary reward from your rental property, without dealing with shady tenants, repairs or filling a vacancy.

Whitnee Homes has helped a remarkable number of landlords just like you want to eliminate the uncertainty of selling their rental property. Investment properties in need of repairs, second homes and even selling a property with tenants currently living in them. We buy houses AS-IS from landlords for cash and more importantly make the process extremely easy and stress-free.


Three-Step Process To Sell Your House Fast

house sold to mj urban renewal

Call or Submit Your Information to get a offer in minutes

Schedule a home visit to review paperwork and finalize offer

Choose your settlement date and Get Cash Fast

house sold to mj urban renewal

What are you waiting for?

Don’t be burdened with your rental property any longer. Get your free, no obligation offer today!